Accomodation And Facilities

Accomodation And Facilities

The doors of Puthiyakovilakam, which was once the citadel of power, are now being opened for you. We have two spacious rooms to accommodate our guests at this authentic Kerala home.

Pathayam (the  granary)

The Pathayam, which was once the huge store house of paddy, has now been modified and converted into a luxurious living space.  The Pathayam has a living area and a bed room with an attached well designed bathroom with modern amenities.  The room is highly spacious with a miniature library. The traditional architecture makes the interiors much cooler even during the summer season.

Palliyara (the royal suite)

The Palliyara literally means the traditional royal suite or the resting rooms of the Thampuran (king). The rooms are spacious with an attached bath area.

During your stay you can also enjoy steaming hot, lip smacking, home cooked, traditional vegetarian cuisines prepared mostly by the high end royal Hindu families of Kerala. Our heritage home stay is a purely vegetarian, non-smoking, and non-alcoholic getaway.

Bowing to popular demand we also arrange traditional theme weddings with vedic chants conducted by Hindu priests at our traditionally designed teak 'Mandapam' which was once the venue for royal weddings. Our auditorium that has a capacity of over 200 pax in theatre style is being aptly used for demonstration of performing arts, concerts and several other cultural events.

The Puthiyakovilakam houses three big courtyards (naalukettu). Since there are three naalukettus(four kettu), this house is known as panthrandu kettu (twelve kettu). The kind of architecture allows cross ventilation and permits natural light and the cool breeze to stream into the house, keeping the interiors fresh and hygienic at all times.