The Host

As you walk into this home, the gracious, warm and cordial host and hostess of this heritage living will welcome you and make you feel safe, secure and perfectly at home. Sreemathi Varma who belongs to the 11th generation of Nilambur Kovilakam along with her husband Ravi Varma, who belongs to Chirackal Kovilakam, Kannur, have been showering their guests with all their affection, love and concern. Special care is taken to appease each guest and to ensure that your every need is taken care of.

While you savour the home made delicacies cooked by the hostess you could feat upon the little known fascinating tales of the Kings and royalty and rich history of Kerala.  Mr. Ravi Varma who is well read and closely acquainted with the history of Kerala and the royal families,  would be more than willing to quench the thirst of an eager, inquisitive mind. He himself is a copious storehouse of information related to Nilambur Kovilakam and its history.

Mr Ravi Varma and his wife Sreemathi Varma have two children -Sreevidya Varma and Vinod Varma. Sreevidya was a school teacher for over 15 years before entering into the world of travel and hospitality. Her husband whose name is also Ravi varma hails from a simple family in Central Kerala. Ravi varma has also been in the travel and hospitality sector for over a decade.

Vinod Varma operates a family business of food products at Trissur.  His wife Sreeja hails from a distinguished family in central Kerala. She has a doctorate in Sanskrit and serves as a Sanskrit teacher.