Ranga is an initiative by the like minded people at Nilambur Kovilakam to promote and propogate the performing arts of Kerala. Nilambur Kovilakam has a great history in the promtion of Kerala performing arts.  Vallathol Narayana Menon and Mukunda Raja concieved Kerala Kalamandalam, which today, has evolved as a deemed university for art and culture. Kerala Kalamandalam became a reality in 1927 with the support of Nilambur Kovilakam.

Ranga is a program to introduce, showcase and explain the art forms to the inbound and domestic tourists visiting India and Kerala.  This event is being conducted  every year during the month of January.

At Ranga – the Arena, we focus to promote performances by young, budding and talented artists.


 The whole program was  concieved and directed by Shri Vinu Vasudevan who  is known for his popularity as an Art Enthusiast.

 The Lighting of the lamp was conducted by Sreemathy Devi Thampatty the senior Lady of Nilambur Kovilakam.  Shri.Aryadan Shoukath, honorable chairman Nilambur muncipality and  Shri Ummer Koya, Honorable secretary, District Tourism Promotion Council  felicitated on the occassion.  Shri.C.K. Ravivarma delivered the welcome speech and Shri R.Ravi varma thanked the gathering.

This was followed by an introduction and demonstration - Cholliyatam on Koodiyatam.  The indepth Introduction by Sangeeth Chakyar and team. This was followed by a Koodiyatam performance by Shri Sangeeth Chakyaar and team. He enacted the performance of the Character Ravana in Kailasodharana.



This is a solo acting part performance in the Play THORANAYUDHANGA  which is written by the great Indain Poet Bhasa. Thoranayudhangam is the third part the Whole play called Abhishekanadaka. The part is acted by Ravana who is the main character in the play.

 The acting starts with entering of the character who is thinking about is past.At the present one of his most important garden name Asokavanika was spoiled by Hanuman who had entered Lanka,his city with the message of Lord Rama.  He thinks about his past that,he had attacked 'Kailasa' the mountain which owned by Lord Siva& got his pleasure from him for that. Then he starts to explain  the situation to that.

One day when he was having good time in his place, a messenger of Vaisravana, who is the elder brother of Ravana came there and told him to avoid hurting the Devas. Ravana becomes angry & kills that messenger. Then he starts his journey to Alakapuri, the city of Vaisravana for war. At the end he beats Vaisravan and seizes 'Pushpakavimana',the chariot of Vaisravana as a winning symbol. After that he starts his journey back to Lanka. In the middle of his journey the chariot gets stuck in the mountain Kailasa. He tells Kailasa to move away from his way. When he came to know that it is not moving, he decides to attack it.   He gets of from the chariot and starts to look the whole mountain. Then he describes how the mountain is. After that he starts to attack it and slowly he takes the whole mountain in his hand and kept throwing it again and again.

 At that time in the mountain Lord Siva and his wife Parvathy were having a quarell.At the end of the quarell Parvathy decieds to go to her father. When she starts, her journey gets ruined by the shaking mountain. Then she comes back to Siva. After that Siva fixes the mountain with his feet. At the time of fixing the hands of Ravana goes under the mountain. He roars two three times of pain, hearing that Lord Siva comes to know that all this happened because of him. Siva becomes pleased and appears in front of him, gives him blessings and a sword named Chandrahasa. After that Lord Parvathy  and Nandikeswara, who is a part of Siva's army appears in front of him offering blessings. But Ravana missbehaves to both of them,  they shower curses on Ravana.

So at last he thinks that,if that curse given by them is happening to me now. The act ends by his thoughts and expecting his brother Vibhisana to the palace.

The program on the first day was attended by a good crowd which consisted of art enthusiasts from different parts of the world.  The participation from the viewers during the introduction and demonstration had encourged the performers.



Honoring outstanding personalities:

Ranga –The Arena  respects and honors , outstanding personalities who are yet to have recieved any formal recognitions.

Kalamandalam Manoj Kumar, a young Kathakali artist, started his career at a young age of 13. He has been performing at various stages in India and abroad. He was trained under Mankombu Shivasankaran Pillai, Kalamandalam Prasannan and Kalamandalam Rajasekharan.  Shri Manoj is a product of Kerala Kalamandalam "Thekkan Kalari".  Shri Manoj  is a versatile actor with variety of acting skills more than Kathakali. Shri. Manoj is an efficient performer in Pacha, Kathi, and Thadi veshams in Kathakali.

Shri Surendra Varma, the senior member of Nilambur Kovilakam, honored Shri  Kalamandalam Manoj on the stage.  The momento presented to Shri Kalamandalam Manoj was designed by Shri. Ranjith Nedungadi.

 The second day's cultural program was  highlighted by the demonstration and introduction to Kathakali.  Haripriya Namboothiri a popular kathakali artist initiated the introduction to Kathakali which was supported by the demonstration with various mudras and its significance.

This was followed by a Kathakali performance.

Play 1: Nalacharitham – Hamsam (Golden Swan) & Damayanti.

Story in brief: (1 hour 15 minutes)

The play 'Nalachariitham'  narrates the love story King Nala and Priness Damayanti . Here we will be presenting the meeting  of'Golden Swan' & Queen Damayanti. Swan, who  comes to Damayanti's garden as the messenger of Nala tries to send the friend-in-waiting away by disturning her in mny ways and finally succeeds in the same. Ater which, Swan narrates the greatness of King Nala & tries to undertsand  how Queen Damayanti feels about the King. Damayanti responds positively and expresses her willingness to be King Nala's consort. In the end Swan returns to King Nala overwhelmed with joy & happiness since he was succesfull in his task.

Play 2: Narakasuravadham ( Lalitha & Jayanthan)


Story in brief: (1 hour 15 minutes)

Nakrathundi,  the maid demoness of cruel king Narakasura reaches the heaven in search of beaituful women for her master. She disguises herself as a beautiful woman and enters heaven and meets Jayantha the handsome son of Lord indra. Nakrathundi suddenly fell in love with Jayntha & expresses her love to him. But Jayantha denies it politely and asks about her wherabouts. She replies that she is a heavenly girl and intends to marry him. Jayantha recirpocates by saying that he needs to consult with his father Lord Indra. Due to her intense lustful  feelings forJayantha she tries to embrace him while he tries to dissuade her and then she gets angry and threatens him and gets back to her demoness form. 

Danish Group at Ranga-the Arena   

A group of Danish travellors arrived at Puthiyakovilakam Nilambur. The group was treated with a tour of the Kovilakam, a demonstration of Kolam(south Indian), a tradional Kerala lunch on the plantain leaf followed by a performance of Mohiniattam.